What is ECE Senior Design?

Senior Design allows students to experience the design development cycle during their education. Students research real-world design problems and partner with university and industry partners to identify and create a solution.

Students are able to sharpen their technical and theoretical skills by gaining real-life experience of what it means to design from conception to completion.

Fall Semester

Students working in teams start with a problem statement, then define product requirements, evaluate possible solutions and perform design tradeoff analyses, then define a system solution, develop a project plan, and share a presentation of their system design and plan at a design review.

Spring Semester

Next students complete their detailed design and then build a working prototype and verify their solution.

Students then present their prototype solutions at Engineering Design Day.

This ECE Senior Design team has been working with a non-profit in Uganda to design a security system for community lighting in rural parts of the country and spent Spring Break in the country testing their system.

Lakes are complex ecosystems. To assess the health of the ecosystem, certain indicators—water quality, audio profiles, and wildlife imaging—are used. The CLAM, sponsored by Pentair, provides an autonomous system to collect this data for ecological assessment.
During outdoor running activities, runners may face dangers from potential assailants and are unable to quickly contact emergency services or contacts. This is caused by multiple interactions required to place an emergency call.

The ECE department allowing students sponsors has motivated me to look at this project from both a technical perspective along with a customer, user, and business perspective. I enjoyed working with a team that wanted to the best for this project and have given a strong groundwork for future work on this device.

Pryor Gibson

Class of 2022

Engineering design from idea to delivery is a critical process in preparing future Engineers and we are proud to support the NC State approach.

The ECE Senior Design Teams are comprised of exceptional students who never fail to deliver high-quality results.

Brandon Conover

US Army Research Office