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What is ECE Senior Design?

Senior Design takes students through an entire product development cycle.  Students leverage their technical and theoretical training and apply it to an open-ended design problem.  We work with industry partners and campus research units to define real-world design problems for student teams to address. They learn to research and consider various design options. They work as a team with their sponsors to design, integrate and test their final solution. 

This ECE Senior Design team has been working with a non-profit in Uganda to design a security system for community lighting in rural parts of the country and spent Spring Break in the country testing their system.

Lakes are complex ecosystems. To assess the health of the ecosystem, certain indicators—water quality, audio profiles, and wildlife imaging—are used. The CLAM, sponsored by Pentair, provides an autonomous system to collect this data for ecological assessment.

During outdoor running activities, runners may face dangers from potential assailants and are unable to quickly contact emergency services or contacts. This is caused by multiple interactions required to place an emergency call.