Design Day

Fall 2021 Design Day

Thank you for joining us for the Fall 2021 Design Day, where our final semester project teams presented their completed projects.  We had some fantastic projects – everything from a probe that educational robotics, automatic hydroponics, advanced power management systems, to a project that assists elderly through independent living. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners! Please review the slideshow below to learn more about our winners!

Friday, November 19, 2021
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Duke Energy Hall, James B. Hunt Library

Project 1:
Mini D-VAR Device Simulations
Project 2:
Wireless IoT Thermistor Sensor
Project 3:
PocketBeagle for Robotics Education
Project 4:
FPGA for Robotics Education
Project 5:
Smart Hone Technologies for Aging in Place
Project 6:
Automated Aquaculture Live Feed Device Feedback Enhancement and Optimization
Project 7:
Race Car Power Distribution Module V2.0
Project 8:
Wireless Electronic Shopping Label System
Project 9:
Automation of Soil Weighing Station – Phase 2
Project 10:
Golf Ball Finder
Project 11:
Pedestrian Alert System for Autonomous Vehicle
Project 12:
TI-Innovator Hub Data Acquisition Tool
Project 13:
Seawater-Based Ebb-and-Flow Hydroponic System
Project 14:
Power Management Test Environment
Project 15:
Turtlebot2 Robotics Platform

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