Design Day

Spring 2023

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Friday, April 21, 2023, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Engineering Building II Breezeway, Centennial Campus (Map)

Free and open to public
Please join us on Spring 2023 Design Day, where our final semester project teams will present their completed projects.  We have fantastic projects – everything from automated hydroponics, wearable detecting human fatigue, monitoring and saving red wolves, helping dogs with laryngeal paralysis, and personal noise dosimeters to detecting power loss in grids, an automated system to authenticate school visitors and a new supercool RISC-V processor design. The following projects will be presented upcoming Design Day.

IoT ApplicationsSoftware Systems/ ASICSEmbedded ApplicationsPower Systems and ApplicationsHuman/Environmental SystemsSignal/Image processing/Machine LearningElectro-Mechanical Systems
MakerSpace Access ControlInstant Conference IoTRobotic Prize RandomizerNon-intrusive Residential Power DisaggregationLight Trap Systems for Lepidopteran Pest MonitoringBouge Sound Boat MonitoringPromoting Electric Propulsion at NCSU
School Visitation AuthenticationCognitive Automotive ResearchMicrosystems for Distributed Adaptive DisplaysDigitized Integration for Low Voltage Breakers in Nuclear Power PlantsFatigue Alert Wearable SystemUrban Noise CancelingWheelchair Electric Assistant
The Gesture ID Verification & Security SystemOperations Statistics Web FormCognitive Automotive ResearchPower Loss in African GridRed Wolf Vehicle Mortality ReductionRed Wolf Behavior DetectionSolenoid Actuated Treatment for Canine Laryngeal Paralysis
Golf Swing Motion Capture DeviceAutomated Framework for Chip Validation Rack ManufacturingMotor-Drive Communication and Control SolutionSelf-Oscillating Bias Supply for Space Power ModulesAutomated Growing System for Hydroponic GreenhousesDesign and Assembly of a Surface Defect Mapping SystemEchosounder Calibration Target Control System
Race Car Wireless Telemetry DAQ SystemSecurity-Aware RISC-V Processor DesignPersonal Noise DosimeterSite Eval/Design for Renewable Energy and Electric VehiclesSpatial extent monitoring of coastal sunny-day floodingRoad Quality Assessment and Data Synchronization in EcoPRTFleetLED Lighting Alternative
MakerModule Control SystemAD2 Functionality ExpansionPower ThiefMachine Learning for Load Forecasting with BESS