Design Day

Spring 2021 Virtual Design Day

Join us via Zoom when our final semester project teams present their completed projects.  We have some fantastic projects – everything from a probe that measures conductivity, temperature, and depth for oceanographers to a project that deters elephants for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Friday, April 23, 2020
2:00pm – 4:00pm

See the event day schedule below.

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Senior Design takes students through an entire product development cycle.  Students leverage their technical and theoretical training and apply it to an open-ended design problem.  We work with industry partners and campus research units to define real-world design problems for student teams to address. They learn to research and consider various design options. They work as a team with their sponsors to design, integrate and test their final solution. 

Session 1
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Session 2
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Session 3
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Session 4
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2:00pmProject 01: App Configurable HardwareProject 02: Isolated USBProject 07: Bass Cabinet Crossover IntegrationProject 08: Ad Hole – DNS Sinkhole
2:10pmProject 13: Total Force CommunicationProject 22: S.M.A.R.T. (SMART Modem and Router Toggle)Project 11: IoT HydroponicsProject 12: Testing Sensors and Response (TSAR)
2:20pmProject 28: Custom Health Status Monitoring (HSM) PCB SolutionProject 17: CTN: Telescope SimulatorProject 32: Naughty NautiloidsProject 29: Total Force Communication
2:30pmProject 27: IoT HydroponicsProject 19: The Weed WhackersProject 06: SmartHome PowerUpProject 31: Seeing the Invisible – Thermoelectric Cloud Chamber
2:40pmProject 23: The Woof-PackProject 24: DNS SinkholeProject 30: SensVueProject 18: Paper P.R.I.S.M. (Paper Processing Integration of Smart Manufacturing)
2:50pmProject 09: VerbatimProject 21: VADER: Vectorized Acoustic Deterrence of Elephants ResearchProject 25: The Artist Formerly Known as PrintsProject 05: Wave Makers
3:00pmProject 16: The Golden NautiloidsProject 14: Rolling in the DataProject 03: Control Remover of Weeds SystemProject 20: Improvement of IoT-Smart camera integrated with IBM Cloud to detect water stress
3:10pmProject 26: CHERP (Child Heat Exhaustion Response and Prevention)Project 04: Improvement of IoT-Smart camera integrated with IBM Cloud to detect water stressProject 15: The Particle Contact Tracers – Thermoelectric Cloud ChamberProject 10: Forget-Me-Not
3:20pmAwards & Announcements(join Session 1 Zoom)

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